Coloring Contest~

saturated canary digis 


You must be a follower of this blog.
You need to use one of the listed digis as your entry.
Post a project using the colored digi(s) to your blog.
Share on social media with a link to the coloring contest (here).

You may enter up to two times.
You can only enter projects that *YOU* have colored and made personally.
All entries must be completed and added to the linky on this post by July 21st, 11:59pm EST.

Coloring Winners:

Best Color Combo
Best Coloring

Social Media Winners:

One tagged photo from Instagram (must tag me in it @kristacanary)
One photo loaded to our Facebook page (you must already be a member there).


Each winner receives a $20 voucher to the Saturated Canary shop.

Good luck!!


Stories, Not Here.

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saturated canary digis 
saturated canary digis 
saturated canary digis 
saturated canary digis 
saturated canary digis 
saturated canary digis 
saturated canary digis 
saturated canary digis 
saturated canary digis 
saturated canary digis 
saturated canary digis 
saturated canary digis 
saturated canary digis 
saturated canary digis 
saturated canary digis 
saturated canary digis 
saturated canary digis 
saturated canary digis 
saturated canary digis 
saturated canary digis 

This season of our lives has been filled with relational living. Inviting people into our home and day; being invited into the hearts and homes of others.  Occasionally, in it all, I think about blogging or sharing, but I love it too much to turn it into a post or 'share'. 

Somewhere back in the near past, Phil and I talked together about living on mission-- life on life.  Being part of a bigger family; a bigger story.  And then it happened, and it's exhausting and exciting all in one breath.  I'm thankful for dear friends, for laughter and late nights, crowded homes, and brimming hearts.  I'm happy for a calendar that fills with dinners, conversations over coffees, and tables needing more chairs to be pulled up-- all of us squished and happy-- talking over craft beer about love languages and old stories.  

So here is a full 4 months of pictures...and the realization that I suck at blogging consistently. 
But I'm kinda okay with that. 
I think there are seasons where I'm going to want to tell a story,
But it will be in my backyard under the stars and twinkle lights.
And that is okay, too:).

You are more than welcome to show up.
I always have a full pot of coffee brewed.


Bookmark and Coloring Contest Winners.

saturated canary digis 
saturated canary digis 
saturated canary digis 
saturated canary digis 

Here is a fun bookmark project.  

Niamh just finished her first Harry Potter book, and she wanted a special, magnetic bookmark like one I was using.  (I have a thing for bookmarks.  Especially the cute magnetic bookmark packs.  I have a drawer corner full of them. Yikes.)  

But, they are super easy to make, too.  

Two magnetic stickers on the inside flaps, and you have a bookmark that doesn't budge. Mine is 3.75" x 8" (folded in half of course).  

I used this new stamp for the front.  (Coupon code MAY30 will get you 30% off any order through Saturday!!)

And now Niamhy has a Harry Potter-esque bookmark for the second book...and all the rest. 

saturated canary digis 

We have also selected the winners of the coloring challenge.  I am late announcing them (by, oh, just a month).  April was just too full for me.  Darwin (our cat) died during a routine vet appointment (that was a rough few days), I worked through a major illustration project, and I also worked on a couple manuscripts on the side for an upcoming writer's conference.  We homeschool and intentionally try to live on mission with our friends and church family, too.  Needless to say, blogging never made it on the radar.  I am hoping for some quieter months ahead.  And who knows.  Maybe a blog more than once every two months during the summer;).

Here are the four winners:

My DT selected Zoe's project.  
Most votes goes to Lotta's project.
Niamh's favorite is Collette's project.
My favorite is Zara's project.

I am also going to give an extra winning spot to share to the two sister projects here and here... If you girls can come up with a character together, I'll draw that extra one for you both:). 

Thanks to everyone who played along~ as always, it was a difficult decision to narrow down to only five winners.  I'll plan on another contest soon:)!

Happy Thursday!


Good Friday

saturated canary digis 
saturated canary digis 

today is quiet, dark, and rainy.
i think the way every Good Friday should be.
in the midst of working on artwork and homeschooling,
meeting with friends over coffee and evening church services, 
dinner out with family,
and sneaking in a little reading, 
my heart seeks stillness.
listens to hear this familiar story anew. 
with thankfulness,
awful discomfort,
and especially

i hope that our weekend is filled with
rolled away stones,
grace too beautiful to understand,
and Life.

Roll Away Your Stone by Mumford & Sons on Grooveshark


Coloring Challenge~~

saturated canary digis 

I thought it might be fun to host a coloring challenge...Something to get us in the mood for summer.
Please read the rules carefully.  If you do not enter accordingly, you will be disqualified.

Color either this stamp or this stamp.  
(**Use code COLOR for 50% off these two stamps).
You may enter up to two times.
Post it on your blog as part of a project/card.
Link to THAT blog post below.  
**Please be a follower of this blog. 

The challenge ends on 3/28 at 1pm EST. 

Four finalists will be chosen:

1.  Based on the number of "Likes" earned under the entries (most votes wins).
2.  My favorite coloring.
3.  My Design Team's favorite coloring (they will vote and let me know the winner).  
4.  Niamh's favorite coloring.  Because she colors ALL.THE.TIME.  and I just want to include her:). 

These four winners will get the chance to help design *one digital stamp and receive that stamp for free. 

Please note:
-- the stamp may not be designed after a photo of any child, parent, grandchild, etc... I am not going to draw or create anyone's child or friend into a digi
-- only one character can be created...no pairs
--the stamp should be creative and unique
--I have the right to decline any character I do not think will fit my shop or vision...so that means the winner would need to rethink their design
--stamps will be drawn for release mid-April

Feel free to add your creations to the Saturated Canary Facebook Group.  
Also, remind your friends to vote for your creation.




saturated canary digis 
saturated canary digis 
saturated canary digis 
saturated canary digis 
saturated canary digis 
saturated canary digis 
saturated canary digis 
saturated canary digis 
saturated canary digis 
saturated canary digis 
saturated canary digis 
saturated canary digis 
saturated canary digis 
saturated canary digis 
saturated canary digis 
saturated canary digis 


it's been like 9 degrees here this week. 
and when I say I have the 'winter blues', i'm literally telling you I am the color blue.
because i'm freaking frozen.

we are observing Lent. 
and reading through this book together.  
phil and i are giving up sweets to make more room for prayer/reflection.
we eat enough sweets that removing them will actually make more time in our day.
also, more room in our waistbands.  

we ate dinner at 10pm tonight.
that's awful.
but true.

phil helps me out with homeschooling once in a while.  
this week, for a Bible lesson, he watched Gladiator with Philly.  
and yesterday, I came home to the three of them watching a 30 for 30 on Steve Bartman.
which was a lesson on 'seeing the bigger picture' and compassion...
i'll let you make the educated guess on who's the fun parent.  

did i mention i'm frozen?
because i am.

i'm working on illustrating a book.
i know.
i'm super excited.  
and nervous.
and a little freaking out.
but half way through the process~ 
can't wait to share it with you soon!

currently reading this book, still reading this book
and looking forward to this book next.
who else reads more than one book at a time??

Darwin likes to read with me.
he is our baby.
and i think we might be irreversibly spoiling him rotten.
we actually want another one so we don't all fight over who gets to hold him next.
i am voting on naming Darwin's future brother Ken Ham.  
Phil wants 'Maximus.'
maybe we just need three cats, who knows.  

i totally did not post a Valentine's special in my shop~
usually i try to do something nice on each holiday...
but this one slipped by.  
(i'm not the romantic in our house either:)
i'll make it up to you later this weekend.
right here on me blog.  
(think freebie.)

one husband is asleep and immovable on the couch.
and two little dweebs snuck over into my bed, i think...
and i'm fading because it is almost 2am.
but i blogged! 
i'm off to kiss my hubby and snuggle my big babies.
feel free to share what you've been up to lately!



Book Review, Tables in the Wilderness

saturated canary digis
saturated canary digis 

I've read two books in 2015. 
(SiDE NOTe: I'm almost done a re-read of Walking on Water-- because it just needs to be read every.single.year. and am half way through this book, which the author calls a "commitment"... a rather apt description.)

The Bible Tells Me So, by Pete Enns. 
I thought about doing a book review for that one because I doubt I will read a better book all year.
(Which kind of sucks because I read it completely on January 5th... which leaves me 360 days of knowing I already read the book to "beat" for 2015.)  I chose not to because...well, just read it, okay?  It will be a hard pill to swallow for many.  I almost choked like every other page.  But it is honest and difficult and challenging in the best ways.  Peter Enns jumped to the top of my Theologians I'd Love to Have a Beer With list.  

Oh...the questions I'd ask. 

The second book I finished is Tables in the Wilderness by Preston Yancey.  It is a memoir of a journey through "God Found, Lost, and Found Again," as the book jacket put it. 

It is inviting and beautiful, through and through.  
He writes things like

God is unchanging, but we're standing on the image we see.   
One day we wake up and find that God has shifted the image.  
Everything looks different.  
The world looks different.  
The world seems new.  
The trick is learning how to recognize that all the old colors are still there.  
It's just the patterns that have changed.  

Somewhere this past year I read the quote, "If your theology never changes, maybe there is something wrong with your theology."  And it has stuck with me; daily creeping into those places that had become really.very.totally secure~ places that probably looked more like walls built by an indifferent acceptance of everything I'd been taught in my very-Christian life for years and years and years.  

The point of the quote is NOT that God changes.
But that I often have Him pegged. 
Figured out.  
How foolish I was to live like that for so long. 

In the places of growth there is always some discomfort and pain~ and this is the part of the book that deeply resonated with my own experience.  The silence of God.  The long days of knowing God is there (intellectually) but not being able to know His presence or closeness.


Yancey graciously guides readers to see through his own wilderness journey that there is a table there.  
A table spread for the wilderness wanderer.  
The silence is an opportunity to hear.  
And this place is inhabited by God.

I've already passed mine along to Phil. 
He pretty much knew he had to read it when I spent 23 of 24 hours one day on the couch telling everyone to "shhh."  It's just a beautiful, encouraging reminder that the wilderness is a dwelling place~ 

A hearing place.
And there are tables spread for us all.

saturated canary digis 

Leave a comment with a book recommendation.
One person will be gifted Yancey's book~ 
(I'll be sure to send a new copy and not my scribbled/underlined/ruined-margins one:)


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